Body Massage

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and indulge.
Achieve a sense of contentment, self awareness & well being, both physically and mentally.

 Body Scrubs and Body Brush cleanses and softens the skin.

Stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. Flowing away surface dryness and draws out impurities to assist in hydration, relaxation & soothes your body.


Massage Therapy


Aromatherapy Massage 

30min $55

60min $95

90min $135

120min $159

Gentle to light pressure applied with long, deeply relaxing strokes to loosen tense muscles, soothe away your cares and relax your mind. Essential oil is absorbed through the skin and carried around the body, allowing healing effects to permeate to all the major body organs, and to harmonise your physical and emotional needs. It will increase circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body, which has the effect of speeding up recovery time from any illness or injury.

Choose oil from below;

Intensive Musclease:

*Relieves muscle tension

*Low back pain

*Stiff shoulders

*Boosts circulation

*Chronic pain

*Moisturises skin        


De-stress oil:

*Deep Relaxation


*Balances nervous system

*Insomnia, fatigue and Anxiety

*Clear your mind

*Moisturises skin


Toxicleanse oil:


*Improves body systems

*Stimulates lymphatic system

*Relieves fluid retention

*Stimulate sluggish metabolism

*Reduces cellulite



Deep Tissue Massage 


30min $55

60min $95

90min $135

120min $159


This powerful massage focuses on releasing deeply stored tension and relieving chronic pain in tight, overstressed muscles as a result of the body being pushed to its limit. Advanced massage techniques including the use of forearm, thumb and elbow. This technique stimulates blood flow.


Remedial Massage  

45min $90

60min $110

75min $125

90min $145

120min $185

Remedial massage therapy involves a range of techniques (MFR, Lymphatic Drainage, Triggerpoint Therapy, PNF, Sports massage) which focus on treating specific injuries, repairing damage, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Become educated about your body and how to enhance your daily life by regularly utilizing well-instructed exercises and stretches.

*Make appointments in advance


Hot Stone Massage 


60min $105

90min $145


The stones give off their power and warmth to tired muscles promoting inner peace and tranquility. A firm rhythmic massage is done with warm stones, exotic hot aroma oils and hands. 



Foot Reflexology  


30min $59

60min $99 


Deeply relaxing and stimulating specific points on your feet and lower legs to ease away tension leaving you feeling light on your feet.



Indian Head Massage

30min $55

Great for relieving stress, migraines and tension in our everyday lives. This technique uses controlled movements and has a strong effect on the three higher chakras – the mind, body and spirit. This massage stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body, and therefore may clear your sinuses, relieve stress and help your sleep better. 


Ear Candle & Scalp Massage 

30min $65


This process involves using a specially made hollow candle which is held gently on the edge of the ear to create a vacuum in the ear, drawing out old wax, residues of past infection and fungus. Candling also stimulates the immune system and peripheral blood circulation.


Body Scrub Treatments

Hand Scrub  30min $59

Exfoliate and energise your hands with organic coconut oil and organic coconut sugar scrub. Coconut is a hydration powerhouse; it has powerful Vitamin E which fights free radicals with antioxidants and gives skin nourishment, softness and smoothness.


Foot Scrub  30min $59


Exfoliating, mineralising and cleansing with sea salt with specialised essential oil blend. Foot Scrub helps improve circulation, removes dead skin cells, and is a soothing refreshment for your skin. Scrubbing with salt also helps to remove bacteria from the skin.


Back Scrub  30min $59


Back massage with sea salt and purifying essential oil helps improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and soothes your skin. It is invigorating and improves your skin texture.


Add-on Treatments

Need a little extra enhance to your treatment?  Add-on Treatments (15min each) are a great way to customise your treatment experience.


Ear Candle  $29

Back Scrub  $29

Foot Scrub  $19

Hands Scrub $19

Detox Dry Brush & Back Masque  $29