Do I have to get undressed for massage?

Yes, we apply oil to your body so we ask to undress all clothing, except leave your underpants on. This is for both male and female clients. We provide a cover sheet for your privacy. We offer extra blankets in cooler months. 


Do you have a spa bath?

No, but we offer a complimentary foot bath at the beginning of your treatment.(except treatments shorter than 30min and Remedial massage)


Do you offer Manicure and Pedicure?

No, but we offer hand, foot and back scrubs in our treatments options.


Do you offer massage gift certificates/vouchers?

Yes we do! Giving massage voucher is a great way to show someone how much you care.


I want to book for me and my partner, Are we in the same room together?

Yes, we have a couples massage room, with 2 beds. A dividing curtain can be used on request.


For the DIY couples treatment, do we have to have the same options?

No. You can choose the options that best suit each of your needs.


Where can I park?

Free Parking is available at the Glebe Park Residential car park. Otherwise the nearest parking areas are the national convention centre car park or CIT Reid parking.


What is the difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Remedial Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is for providing firm but flowing and relaxing treatment to the deeper muscles that the more gentle Aromatherapy and Swedish massages won't reach. Great for general tension and stiffness
Remedial Massage is a focused and assessment based therapy. It includes consultation and assessment to provide the therapist with greater understanding of a significant physical problem/muscle trauma/pain/chronic discomfort. The treatment is delivered directly to the apparent areas that are causing the presenting problem.